The richest people on bitcoins


Forbes lists the "Crypto Rich List"... is this good for crypto as a whole? Also- BTC is pumping but has stalled... are we in for another dump? As always, be smart with your investing, have a little fun, and make a little money. Oh yeah, and like and subscribe :) BINANCE: (ref link) BINANCE: (standard) KUCOIN: (standard) GATE.IO: (ref link) GATE.IO: (standard) EMAIL: CRYPTO 99 FACEBOOK GROUP!: CRYPTO 99 TWITTER: CRYPTO NEWS: COINCHECKUP VIDEO: COINBASE: INSTAGRAM: DONATIONS: (NOT necessary, but always appreciated!) BTC: 1LXJK6AFHKUwA7tiQn59G9PbhaagErRL9G ETH: 0x9E64a5DCE19e619BA8843Fe48B72818EcEF88b6B Disclaimer: I am not a licensed financial professional! I have some good schooling on financial evaluation and have done extensive research into crypto and other investments, but never invest more than you are willing to lose. Be safe, and lets all earn some money together!

The richest people on bitcoins

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