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SPIES - Episode 1 (eng sub) | РАЗВЕДЧИЦЫ - Серия 1

Arina wants to dedicate her life to the Motherland and talks into her groom, cadet artilleryman Volodya Semyonov to write a statement in the city committee, so that the Party and the government can have them at their discretion. Volodya resists. Arina convinces him to sell the family ring of Prozorovsky, - the parents wedding gift, - and to give the government a tank or an airplane for the money. This conversation is heard by Zoe, an assistant to a dangerous recidivist nicknamed Raven. Zoe has wanted to escape from a tough Raven with her five-year-old daughter Katya, but she doesn’t have money to start an independent life. Zoe decides to rob Prozorovsky, and plans to do it herself. But Raven learns about Zoe's intention and makes her take him to the apartment of Prozorovsky. The raid coincides with the arrival of officers of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the USSR (NKVD). They have a warrant for the arrest of Arina's father, Pavel Timofeevich. While shooting, Raven kills all officers. In the shootout Arina's mother is killed. Pavel Timofeevich is seriously injured. Arina is traumatized from the very beginning, loses consciousness. Zoe manages to outwit Raven. They are already close to get on the train, but Volodya, who meets the general at the station, recognizes Zoe. Zoe is sent to prison. Because of the loss of consciousness, Arina can’t explain to investigators what happened. There is a suspicion that the Prozorovsky’s resisted arrest and killed officers. Arina was sent to the same prison as Zoya. Just at this time, Major Vorotynnikov and Lieutenant Petrov come to prison. They need recruits for a new scouting school. #epicmediachannel

фильмы в hd качестве 1080

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